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Embassy of India, Panama

Tender Notice

PAN/122/1/2018                                                                                              Date : 16 April 2018

The Embassy of India, Panama invites bids/quotations for hiring of following vehicles:

  1. Bullet Proof car
  2. Luggage Van
  3. 25 seater bus
  4. 15 seater bus
  5. sedan car (Mercedes Benz and other models)

Conditions :

  1. All vehicles should be in good conditiions and neat & clean.
  2. All Chauffeurs should be able to speak and understand basic English
  3. All Chauffeurs should to have knowledge of all routes of Panama City.

Quotation requirement: Hourly rates as well as daily rates.

Interested parties are welcome to contact via telephone numbers 507-2643043, 2648780 in case of any questions on any working day between 0900 hrs and 1700 hrs. All Interested companies may submit their bids/quotations at the following address by 22 April 2018 at 5.00p.m..

Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, No. 10325, Avenida Federico Boyd Bella Vista, Apdo 0823-05815, Panama.


10325, Calle Federico Boyd,Apdo 0823-05815, Bella Vista,Panama, Republic of Panama
Tele: 507-2642416, 2643043, Fax: 507-2096649
E-mail: ambassador@indempan.org
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