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Consular Fees :

Important notice for payment of Consular fees

Payment of Visa/Consular Fee

Account number/banking information for depositing/transferring visa and consular fee in respect of applicants from Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Please note that personal cheques, company cheques would not be accepted. No cash payment either through courier or at the Embassy counter will be accepted under any circumstances.

1. For payments in US$ for applicants applying within Panama (for depositing in the account of Embassy of India, Panama) :

Bank Name : Banistmo S.A.

Bank Account No. 0100349761

Beneficiary : Embassy of India, Panama

Account Type : Cuenta Corriente

Bring/send original deposit slip with the application for visa/consular services.

2. Applicants applying from Costa Rica & Nicaragua : Payments made by bank transfer :

Account Number (US$ Account) : 0100349761

Beneficiary : Embassy of India, Panama

Beneficiary Address : No.10325, Avenida Federico Boyd, Bella Vista, Apdo. 0823- 05815,Panama City, Republic of Panama

Name of Beneficiary Bank : BANISTMO SA

Beneficiary Bank Address : Torre Banistmo, Calle 50, Panama City, Republic of Panama


Intermediary Bank : City Bank N.A.

Wall Street, New York City, 10005, USA

Swift Code : CITIUS33XXX

Routing No. : 021000089

3. Bank Draft for Consular Services should be in the name of Embassy of India, Panama.

The draft should be for the net amount of fees. Bank commission/charge, if any, have to be paid by the applicants separately.

Note : The applications for Visa, Passport, OCI and any other Consular services should be strictly within 03 months from the date of deposit/transfer of fee failing which the fee will lapse and no request for refund will be entertained. An applicant who submit application after 3 months from the date of deposit/transfer will have to make the payment again.

10325, Calle Federico Boyd,Apdo 0823-05815, Bella Vista,Panama, Republic of Panama
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